Alexander Golant, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon
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Alexander Golant, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon
Alexander Golant, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon
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Orthopaedic Surgeons
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I am a man who is over 60 and had a torn rotator cuff in my right arm. I was dealing with intense pain and loss of ROM. After speaking to Dr. Golant, I decided to have the surgery to repair it. My arm was holding me back from many activities, recreational and work related alike. Since my operation, I have recovered very well and was able to try something that I had been wanting to for awhile but was delayed: skydiving. Also I was able to return to my job doing construction , which is very physically demanding. I am extremely pleased with my results and could not have asked for a more professional and knowledgeable doctor. I would highly recommend Dr. Golant to anyone with Orthopaedic needs.

- George V

I am a 42 year old man that had a knee of a 94 year old man. Pain when walking, standing and sleeping. I could not enjoy taking my younger kids to the park because if they ran ahead I would not be able to catch them. Dr. Golant gave me my life back. I am 7 days short of 3 months after total knee replacement surgury and going back to work with no limitations. I have full motion with my knee it extends straight out and bends 115 degrees. I walk 4 miles every other day. No pain and no medication needed. Thank you so very much.

- Cory M

I am extremely happy with the service I received from Dr. Golant and his staff. They are all very professional in their work, and they have given me the personal care through out the surgery and recovery process. I thought the surgery would be long and complicated. To my surprise the surgery was quick with great results. Dr. Golant took his time to explain all of the options in regards to my Achilles tear. He explained the procedures and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Golant.

- Gordon M

As a patient with Ehrlers-Danlos connective tissue disorder, I have suffered from chronic dislocations of both knees, both ankles, both wrists, as well as my right hip and right shoulder since early childhood and have seen dozens of orthopaedists. I can honestly say that Dr. Golant is by far the most compassionate, the most knowledgeable, and the most dedicated to his field out of all the doctors that I have seen. He took the time to meet with me the morning of my surgery and personally answered all of my questions and even called me at home after my surgery to see how I was managing my pain. I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Golant as a person and as a surgeon. He treats every patient with professional curteousy and respect. My MFL reconstruction of the left knee is healing perfectly and after less than 4 months I am able to bike ride and walk 2 miles every day to work. I would recommend Dr. Golant to anybody considering surgery. He is the best.

- Victoria F

Dr. Golant was an amazing surgeon, who was there for me every step of the way. I personally had full reconstruction surgery of the left knee. Before surgery my knee would pop out of place with a simple turn. Today, my knee feels amazing. I'm back to playing basketball, riding bikes, hiking and my knee feels 100%. At first i was a little hesitant to do the surgery because I had heard it may never be the same. However, because of Dr. Golant I don't have to worry about my knee popping out ever again. Before, I was impeded by my knees condition. However, today I can do what ever I want and not have to worry about being injured. I would highly recommend Dr. Golant to anyone who is debating getting surgery or not. Dr. Golant is an amazing surgeon who has tremendous credibility to his name and really knows his stuff. If your in need of surgery, Dr. Golant is the way to go, I am thoroughly pleased with my surgery and wouldn't think twice in choosing Dr. Golant again in the future if needed.

- Frank M

Dr. Golant is a gifted surgeon with a great personality. My ACL repair got me through rigorous Army training and it's still going strong. Thanks Dr. Golant!

- Ron T

After rupturing my bicep tendon, Dr. Golant performed a distal bicep tendon suture. I was very impressed with the Doctor's ability to communicate the procedure before the operation. After having had two prior consultations with two other orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Golant was my top choice, the clear choice. It was the right choice. The surgery was a complete sucess, and I greatly appreciated his professionalism. He is a great doctor, with a wonderful bedside manor and superior staff. I highly recommend him.

- Kostas K.

I Had two knee replacements done. One on my right knee in Jan.2012 and one on my left knee in June 2012 was back to work after two months after each replacement. Dr. Golant and his staff are very dedicated and curtious people. The in house Therapy people are really great the way the work with
you. All i can say is thank you very much for all you did Dr. Golant and Staff.

- Monica R.

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